So here I am in the "second" half of my life.  As I look back I can't help but wonder how things would be different had I made different choices. I am also not one to dwell on the "would of, could of, should of's, however, there are lessons to be learned, insights to be had and awakenings to own!!!

We have all seen the list of "should have cleaned less and played with the kids more etc" , there is a lot of truth in that. We need to play more, smile more, make ourselves a priorities and STOP making the EXCUSES of why we don't.  So many times I hear clients say, "I can't afford that" when I suggest doing something to care for themselves but is that true or is it that we just don't make it a priority?

We all know we should be exercising more, eating better and getting a good night's sleep, so again, we tell ourselves we don't have the time...is that true or is it that we don't make it a priority?

As I move ahead into this New Year I am making ME a priority!!!  I am choosing to love and care for myself the way I do for others.  I am going to spend time with people who bring me joy, who help me grow and encourage me to go after my dreams (yes, even in the "second" half of my life). I will continue to learn, as this is a passion of mine, and share with you as I do. Being balanced in this crazy world is a possibility and if we work on our priorities it will become our reality.

How about you, are you ready to make YOU A PRIORITY ?

Love and Blessings,