Patti has been an integral part of my spiritual growth. She is kind, deeply intuitive and extremely knowledgeable in aspects of mind, body and spirit work.  She provides a safe environment to explore and uncover patterns and beliefs that no longer serve. Her process using Carol Tuttle's work gets "to the root of the problem", and allows an organic release which shines the light on the truth. This process is easy to work on by myself. I am deeply grateful for Patti 's support in my healing process and blossoming into the light that I am.



Patti is an amazing intuitive specialist in the art of mind, body and spirit. She has helped me through many difficult periods in my life by helping me to reshape my mindset, focus on the self, and rejuvenate my energy levels. Patti helps the individual to put a positive perspective on life's challenges and use them to grow. Her gentle touch soothes the mind and body.


Beverly M.

Patti has been a huge help to me on multiple fronts. She has helped with my perspective on focusing more on myself and my well being. With her energy work, our discussions, and her touch, she's been the only one who can bring me from high levels of tension to complete relaxation. The clearing of my mind and body has an amazing lingering effect, and has helped me better cope with what life and work has thrown my way, and feel I'm still learning the ways of one's energies.

Scott W.