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My initial interest was for my husband but I began taking it at the same time. I had a shoulder issue going on for about 18 months. I didn’t have full range of motion and had discomfort most of the time including at night when it would wake me up if I raised my arm to go under my pillow. I tried many alternative modalities and did PT with little results.

Also, being a “senior” my interest was also anti-aging.  I began taking the redox molecules and using the gel on my face twice a day. I immediately noticed an increase in energy and there were a lot of little things like a STY and Fever blister that had impressive results.

My shoulder took about 5 months to resolve but has been pain free since. As for the anti-aging I feel like I am in my forties energy wise and none of those discomforts you hear other seniors speak about…and I know I don’t look my age.

My husband had been sick for well over a year but wouldn’t go to a DR. He had been losing muscle mass, had little energy and had significant discomfort in his hips and shoulders. We had little social life at the time because of it. He finally agreed to go to a functional medical professional where he was diagnosed with a full blown sugar issue. His number was 250.

We began working with them but didn’t get the results we were hoping for and I believe it was because his body was just so depleted that he wasn’t absorbing what was necessary to heal. We continued that course for six months but then decided to reach out to Dorothy who had introduced me to the product the year before.

Within in a week Dave started to feel some energy and in a period of 2 to 3 months his discomfort was gone.

It has been over 4 years and his sugar still hovers 100, he is feeling good and all of this was accomplished without any medication.

At this time neither of us take any medication and feel great! It is native to the body so it is 100% safe. We will take this forever!

 Julia S-37

When I came upon this product I must admit that I was curious as well as skeptical. I was first introduced to the GEL. As a massage therapist I am leaning over constantly and using a lot of upper body strength and core strength that takes a hard toll on my lower back and had chronic pain. Using the GEL on my lower back and sacral region two times per day gave me instant relief. I then moved on to try this amazing redox water. I began by taking 2 ounces two times a day and didn’t realize what a game changer this product truly was until I underwent an elective surgery.  I decided not to take any pain meds and only use the gel around the incision sites and upped my dosage of 2 ounces two times per day to 16 ounces per day during my recovery. I was in a lot of pain the first day. By the second day I had my post op appointment. The doctors and nurses were amazed how great I looked and how good I felt... and so was I! My recovery was supposed to be six weeks out of work. I was back to work in less than two weeks but could’ve started working sooner. I can only owe my super swift recovery to these amazing products. One additional thing, I love the gel for facial breakouts, it really works! I believe it is a breakthrough technology that can and will aid our bodies to balance... and naturally!!! So excited!


Pat Gilliss  2021

I had a serious memory challenge, the same one both of my parents suffered with and I understood there was no real answer for it.  I also had really bad discomfort in my hip that traveled down my thigh, shin and into my foot. I didn’t want to take the narcotics the doctor offered so I have suffered with this for over 8 years. I also had back discomfort.

I would do crazy things like leave the water running and leave the refrigerator open. Then one day I was sitting in my car and suddenly “came back” to myself and realized that I was sitting in the passenger side of the car in 90 degree weather so the car was much hotter, I felt like I was being cooked, waiting for the car to take me to town. I came back into the house where the water was running and the frig door open and just broke down crying knowing there was nothing that was going to help me.

Well, I am a praying woman and that night I prayed for God to help me find something or bring me something that could help, something that was natural and safe.  Two days later a virtual stranger called me and said “Pat I think I found what you are looking for” so I trusted that God had sent this man to me and ordered the product. Just 4 days later all my discomfort in my hip, Leg and back were gone and I was sleeping better than I had in a long time so I decided to stay on it.

Three months later I asked my husband if he had noticed any changes in my memory issues because I felt I did. He agreed that I was acting normal again. The next day my sister called and after talking for a while she said, I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up because I have my sister back. That was in 2009. Since that I have written three books and have been fully back to myself able to hug my grandchildren and enjoy life. I will be forever grateful for the day Alan called and I am blessed to be able to share this with others so they too can experience lives being changed.

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