Every New Year people commit to improving their lives.  They want to lose weight or stop smoking, maybe work less or save more money.  These are truly noble desires and it's wonderful to get the "kick start" of a brand new year. But here's the problem, why our enthusiasm wanes after a period of time.....we are dealing with the symptoms not the cause!


All addictions, whether they are food, alcohol, drugs, shopping or over-working (etc) are just symptoms for what is missing in our lives. We use these things to reduce stress, soothe our emotions, combat boredom, escape reality and more. Our conscious mind thinks we can "control" this, use self control, but the truth is, our conscious mind is probably only about 10% in control.  It is our subconscious mind that really controls us!!!


So then, what is the answer?  Well, it is about discovery.  Taking time to explore our inner thoughts and feelings, getting to the root of the issue and then taking the steps to begin healing the lack of wholeness that we feel.  It sounds "deep" and yes , it is, but so worth the effort.


We can truly live a life with joy and contentment, with a sense of satisfaction but only if we do the real work.  We can live in denial for a while but it will eventually catch up with us. So why not "jump Start" the healing process.  There are so many modalities available to assist you on your journey.  Do your homework, seek out the help that you need .....and I am always here if you need me!


With Love and Blessings.