It’s like we have split personalities.  Whether we are talking about “world” issues or our personal world, we all want the same things.  We want to be heard, we want to be respected and sometimes we just want to be right. It is the last one that gets us into trouble.  One minute we are saying love is the answer and the next we are pushing our own agenda fueled by ego.  That is not to say that issues shouldn’t be discussed. We need to express our views and feelings but we also need to be willing to listen, learn, grow and expand. I keep getting this visual of a child with their fingers in their ears while making noises so as not to be able to hear the other person.  Not a win-win!

 When we are willing to listen we are coming from a place of love. Sometimes we have the hardest time with those that are closest to us, the very people we love. There are also those times when it is wasted energy trying to discuss something when on opposite ends of the spectrum, and that is ok too, we just have to agree to disagree as long as one’s personal boundaries are not being violated.

The most important thing to remember is that we are all connected and if we rise above the noise and look at the bigger picture we can begin to return to love. A gentler, kinder place to live and our homes are the place to start.

Focus on the good, the positive, find joy where you can and be in a place of gratitude. Your world will begin to shift and you can begin to feel happy again.  So yes, let’s RETURN TO LOVE!

Wishing you Love and Joy!