There are those moments...the moments when I am totally aware that everything is ok, just the way it is.

 Being human, it is a hard pill to swallow at times.  Life is full of situations where we experience such a wide range of negative emotions- anger, anxiety, sadness, heartbreak, betrayal,  and more. We wonder at times  how we can possibly go on, the struggle seems so hard but then someone shares a moment of kindness and tells us it will be ok....and so we survive, yet again.  It is a cycle, the life cycle...there are ups and downs, there always will be, but we are blessed to be able to share this journey with others who can lift us when we are down and then we can do the same for them.  We must always remember that pain is pain, not to be compared, but to be validated by those around us, not so we can remain a "victim" but to take solace in knowing someone understands. It is our job to learn from every experience, to grow our souls and to love greater than we did before.

I believe these "moments" are moments of awakening, being one with this beautiful universe, with God and for that, I am grateful.

Moving into the new year it is my goal to always remember that everyone is going through something and that if I offer just a moment of kindness it could make all the difference in their day.

How about you?  If we all strive to do this it will be a much kinder, gentler world.

Wishing you all a very blessed, healthy and joyful new year.

With love and gratitude,