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One of a kind...

ASEA Redox is the only supplement in the world to contain abroad spectrum of Redox Signaling Molecules in perfect balance as they are found in healthy cells. Here is the story!

Your body is the most complex communication network on the plant. Every second of every day, your cells pass tremendous amounts of information, within the cells, from cells to cell and throughout the body. Any breakdown in this signaling and you cannot achieve your full health potential.

A simple example. Your home is on fire and you call the fire department. They have the big red truck, the firefighters, firehose. They have everything they need to put out the fire. But what if you have a bad “cell” signal. Maybe your phone only has 1 bar, or the call keeps dropping. The fire department doesn’t get the message and your home goes up in flames.

Well it’s the same in your body. If Your Cells Can’t Signal, Little Else Matters.

ASEA REDOX is the only supplement to amplify and clarify this critical cell signal, harnessing the power of the exact same molecules your body uses. Redox Signaling Molecules.


Imagine your cells are like little bags of salt water. Every cell contains, on average, thousands of mitochondria. While these little electrical power-plants are producing ATP, your body’s natural source of energy, they are also spinning out important signaling molecules, called Redox Signaling Molecules. And these critical molecules impact the signaling and communication for every system and organ in the body.


With every decade you are alive, you make approximately 10% less of these redox signaling molecules. So, by 50 years of age, your signaling is already half what it used to be. Add to this, stress, poor diet and environmental toxins and the decline in signaling becomes even greater. As a result, your cellular rejuvenation becomes slow and sluggish and you begin to see and feel the effects of aging.

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