So often I will work with someone and they say," oh...I have already worked on that" and yet their life still reflects the impact of these life events.  We all have  baggage of some sort that we have tried to work through and at times we seem to "have it under control" only to have it rear its ugly head yet again. Why is that? It's because healing happens on multiple levels. In my experience it is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, with spiritual being the deepest level of healing. We have to climb the ladder of healing and arrive at a level of awareness that allows us to almost be an outside observer. To look at things from a broader perspective, what does it mean? what is my lesson?  how can I use this to make me a better person?, and on that broader scale...how can I use this to make the world a better place? That is when we experience the peace...the strength, not to just endure but to use our life experiences to grow and help others to do the same.

I am no stranger to life's challenges but I am continually climbing that ladder in an effort to be whole.  We don't have to walk this journey alone and that is such a blessing for it is when we become vulnerable and lean on each other that the healing begins. Don't stay in your own little world, telling yourself the same story, there is no growth there....reach out, seek wisdom and look to a power greater than yourself...There is joy in the morning!

I wish you peace, joy and abundance!