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Patti Scallan has been working in the Healing Arts for over 17 years.  She is an Energy Coach, Digestive Health Professional and Reiki Master. Her studies cover a broad spectrum of healing modalities because her belief is that everyone's physical, emotional and spiritual well being is interconnected. Cellular Health, nutrition, sleep, water and movement are important keys to physical and emotional health. Synergistically, she works to heal and balance the whole self.

 She previously owned and directed Delaware Center for Conscious Living, a holistic wellness center in North Wilmington.



    A process which taps into your inner child using:

   •Energy Psychology  •Meridian Tapping     •Chakra Clearing    • Energy Insight  


    •  Anxiety   • Depression     •  Low self worth

    • Weight & body  image      • Relationships

    • Guilt      • Anger      • Phobias... and more

This is a process to discover what is holding you back from a life of abundance, joy and ease, a life of physical well-being and a deeper connection to your higher self. The key to success is embracing your natural strengths, releasing old wounds and restoring your body to function the way it was designed.



ENERGY COACHING/EFT SESSION                    $115        PKG of three $300

Energy Psychology, Meridian Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), Intuitive Insights are  part of these sessions               to help you sort through life's challenges and take control. This powerful process focuses on moving past limiting beliefs, overcoming old wounds and increasing  awareness of your true potential.


Are you ready to take your well-being more seriously and partner with me to address all those things that affect you mentally, physically and spiritually? We will work together towards healing on many levels discovering you true energy type and learn if you are standing in your power. You will move forward feeling more confident, expanded and in control, having the skills to navigate your life in a vibrant, healthy direction.



Do you know what your energy type is?  There are 4 basic profiles and they are quite different, two are introverts and two are extroverts, some are quiet and others are very high energy. One is not superior over the other but the question is, are you living true to your nature, have you moved into your secondary energy because of life's circumstances or past traumas?  This could sabotage your success in all areas of your life: relationships, career, finances and more.You will love this journey!


*Prices subject to change



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